We have a wide range of water and land activities at Lac Le Jeune Resort and in the surrounding area. It is a fabulous area for fishing, wildlife photography and viewing, rowing, paddling, bird watching, geocaching, mountain biking and hiking to name just a few of the things to do. 

There is a public beach at the provincial park just a short walk away and many places to just hang out and read a book and catch some sun. 

Chef Holland can make you up a picnic lunch so can enjoy your day on the water or out on the trail. Large powerboats are not permitted on the lake so it is the perfect place to paddle around. 

Around the Lake

Nature Photography 

Nature Photography is what we do most everyday at Lac Le Jeune Resort. The opportunities for great wildlife photos are incredible whether it be portrait of Willie the chipmunk or Ozzie & Harriet feeding a newborn loon. Birds are our specialty in the area and a very good checklist compiled by Rick Howie can be viewed just below. 

Many of the great nature photographers come to photograph our feathered and furry friends. Workshops are held every year by Greg Downing and Alan Murphy. Check out the links to their sites just below. 

Greg Downing-

Alan Murphy -


Click below for the Birds of Kamloops Checklist



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